With Large Following, Comes Great Influence

With Large Following, Comes Great Influence

When people say influencer marketing they usually jump around like its some new phenomenon in marketing. The term generates that buzzword feeling, however if you think about it. Influencers marketing has been around for a long time the influence back was from religious leaders to royalty and people of interest.

Only the mediums used to communicate influence has changed. Years ago influencer campaigns were conducted on magazines pages, bill posters and ads broadcasted on prime time television.

Don’t get me wrong those forms of communications are still used just the costs are a lot higher and the engagement isn’t the same. The difference today influencer marketing is conducted online in real time.

Influencer marketing on Instagram comes in all shapes and forms. From celebrities, bloggers and every Instagram account with a large following is considered to be a influencer.

The most notable are the messiahs of fashion Kim K’s and Kyle Jenner, lets not forget the musicians, sports stars, socialites and of course the social media cool kids. Our personal interests have eventually defined who we are; as humans we are like grade A cattle we stroll around in herds. Subconsciously, consciously or not, we love people of interest.

Their large followings have influenced us to idolizes their choices leading us to live an influence way of life. How we make purchase decisions has now changed Instagram profiles are now used to influence our choices of health supplements to even bucket-list experiences.

So how does it all works…..

Instagram allows us to be human, create connections and build up relationships with people who resonate with us or who we simply admire.

Humans like to connect with other humans

Influencers who share their everyday life in real time has enabled them to build large followings of people who their value opinions.

We are increasingly valuing influence recommendations that represent what we want from our lives. When a influencer endorses a product, their followers usually associate the qualities of the influencer to that product.

Trusting what is being presented and are more motivated to listen and take action. For Brands this creates a positive response adding more creditably and potentially triggering a purchase.

71% of Consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on a social media reference.

A good example of influencer marketing campaign would be Aimee Song collaboration with Swedish car maker Volvo. During the campaign the car maker received £5 million worth of media exposure.

Volvo Influencer campaign data

Average Instagram Stories views: 400,000

Total likes: 113,500

Total comments: 728

Total number of people who saved Song’s posts: 1,009

Total impressions: 2.14 million

Total reach: 1.7 million

Total engagement: 115,200

Volvo utilize Aimee Instagram following by letting her visually tell their story with her brand voice in real time. This is the best way for influencers to represent brands in the truest form.

Instagram is filled with user generated content and this isn’t a bad thing it just gives brands more opportunities to curate, share and generated more (UGC) campaigns to help reinforce and continually build a brands social presence.

65% of Top-Performing Instagram Posts Feature Products

This is a good plan of action for targeting audiences who may ignore traditional marketing strategies. Influencer Marketing on Instagram is expected to reach a whopping $1.07 billion this year alone. With a projected growth of $2.38 billion in 2019, that’s the upside of influcener marketing.

Projected growth of $2.38 billion in 2019

Now here’s the downside this has lead to a rise in fake influencers with inflated followers counts and no engagement and brands losing out. As anyone can buy followers, likes and comments even Instagram live views.

This is influencer version of click fraud from the Infamous Instagram Mafia as they are referred too. All it takes is one Google search it’s crazy social media panels offering you the world. Social media can be more faker than a Gucci Bag from Timbuktu.

However saying this 94% of marketers who use influencer marketing found it be effective. With over 70% of US business using Instagram right now. It would seem 2018 is going to be a good year for Instagram marketing on a whole.

So if you are considering Influencer marketing as channel, the need to know question. Are those followers real?

Most importantly is their audience relevant for your brand.

“There are exceptional people out there who are capable of starting epidemics. All you have to do is find them.”

Malcolm Gladwell

So how do you know if you are choosing the right Influencer….

Influencer marketing is different from other types of marketing like Google Adwords fill in a from, click and go. It all depends on the specifics of audience and the goal of the campaign. Influencer marketing involves research communication, timing and understanding. Between multiple people to sync as one for the success of the campaign.

Having the right data is the first step to executing a strong campaign. Influencer marketing is data gold in itself the KPI’s of interest are.

followers + engagement + impressions + Signups +ROI + Sales

Overall finding the right Instagram influencers, can be a tedious job so I put together a few resources that can save you sometime finding the ideal Instagram influencer.

Influencer marketing resources

1. Famebit

Famebit is a creators platform offering you a community of social media content creators with large followings. Mostly Youtubers however you can make requests for Instagram content creators. The platform also offers flexible pricing, campaign targeting, proposal filtering and a great support team with safe payment options. If your short with time or cant be bothered with all the searching around you may opt to use Famebit for ease of use.

2. Fluxdata

If you like the more hands on approach then Flux Data is your answer. The platform is powered by machine learning & AI (artificial intelligence) to offer most advanced Instagram data insight in the world. Flux Data can provide the most comprehensive social media reports from the most influential profiles on Instagram.

They also offer influencers search, audience reports including brand and audience affinity. You can also analyzes previous influencers campaign of your competitors and potential influencers you may be considering to use for a campaign.

3. ShoutCart

ShoutCart boast to have the largest social media influencer marketplace online. Their platform offers analytics, engagement metrics and more. They have a wide range of Influceners and niche accounts offering advertising space on their profiles. Overall if you don’t mind spending some time you can find a good Influcener or a niche account who might suit needs of the campaign.

One thing I did notice whist browsing the platform I detected a few spammy looking accounts. I did a quick socialblade check and results were low activity of the accounts in question. So I would recommending using a third party data tool for analyzing accounts prior to purchasing any campaigns.

4. The Shelf

The Shelf offer two options one is influencer services for influcencers and the other is their influencer marketing solution. The Shelf uses your account data to match you with influencers who will deliver the best results for your campaign.

They also has access to 157,210 lifestyle influencers across different niches including fashion,beauty, parenting, travel and more. The platform provide access to the basic information such as likes, followers etc. However their data mining doesn’t stop there, as they offer insights into shopping habits and price-affinity. The Shelf is a good platform for both Influencer and brand as they handle both side of the Influencer spectrum.

5. Grin

Grin is the ultimate plug and play Influencer Management tool. It’s Influencer Marketing made simple, everything in one place. There no need to send cold emails or direct messages, Grin platform enables you access to Influceners verified data such as contact information, engagement rates and social networks.

They even take the strain out paying and handling influencer W-9s. Overall Grin is a good go to solution for finding a solid influencer. Using Grin as option would be a good place to start with your Influencer marketing ideas.

I hope these resources provided you value.: )

Stay Gramming

Signing off,


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