Instagram: More Than Just Sharing Your Moments

As time goes by it is hard to notice how your life has changed. Until that moment comes and we pause the movie entitled ‘our lives’… wait, did all that just happen? It’s that moment when you analyse  what’s changed, and what is completely different from five years gone. Looking back scrolling through my Instagram, it’s easy to see how different my life is now. Images from when I first started up my IG (Insta, Instagram) show I didn’t have a clue what I was doing or how the social media platform actually worked. When I started up, my posts were only getting 8 likes, I was proud and excited although I’d never imagine I would come on so much.


Fast Forward a few years and whilst I was learning how to grow IG accounts, the Instagram game has come along way. I’ve gained a lot  of gram (Instagram) knowledge than before and  now I manage a few accounts of my own and I’ve even got clients. Just from learning how to use IG alone has changed a few aspects of my life. People regularly question how social media can effect you in the real world? How can posting a few pictures change your life?

Instagram has introduced me to meeting new people, and vice versa. It’s strange but growing a following has led to email exchanges containing invites to exclusive events with the “lar-de-dars” of the art world. This has been a great pleasure for me as I’ve always been fond of the arts (something that led to the inspiration for one of my channels @artplugged). Just through sharing my curated collection of pictures on my IG account. It’s been amazing to be invited to black tie events. Events, which are undoubtedly complimented with champagne, and who doesn’t like a little bubbly and art? What a great combination, the creation of beauty for two aesthetic pleasures, of vision and taste.

The day of impact:

I received an email via my art account with the subject titled “Christian Furr Jimi Hendrix Private Viewing”. It was an invitation to attend Christian Furr’s, private viewing of his portrait of Jimi Hendrix, yes Jimi Hendrix. It was at the flat Jimmy himself use to own in Mayfair London, imagine that. I received the email from ‘Handle & Hendrix’, the company that owns Jimi Hendrix’s Estate and museum dedicated to the Rockstar himself.

The artist was Christian Furr, who once gained commission to create a portrait of  Queen Elizabeth II. During the event I also had the pleasure of meeting Jimi’s original tour photographer. I was like WTF (excuse my language), but Jimi “Rockstar” Hendrix who scratched the planet with a distinctive mark? Like years ago,  that would have never  been the case for me. How would I even go about getting invited to a place like this? Now I was “Insta-famous”, yes I said it. I’m only kidding, however it was starting to open doors.

“Great following comes Great influence” — Oska Keene

Inflated with the excitement of going to Jimi Hendrix’s house. I was standing in my kitchen smiling to myself thinking, “with ‘Great following comes Great influence.'”  This was my wise (some would say profound) Comrade Oska would say.

Last night at Jimi Hendrix Flat private viewing of Christian Furr resin Hendrix piece

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Now I noticed the changes, Thanks to Instagram:

This was one event I wouldn’t forget and Instagram was responsible for it happening. My life experiences where being enhanced by this one particular social media platform. I was now interacting with the world, realising the true power of social media.

Instagram gave me a platform to connect with like minded people and get recognition for it. All I was trying to do was to share my passion for beautiful work. I  feel now I am  connected to the world and connected to people that agree with me. Instagram has changed my life significantly, on top of getting invited to Jimi’s house; I’ve been to many private art exhibitions and all because I’ve learned how to effectively manage Instagram accounts.

From learning to use the platform as best as I can, these changes were able to manifest my new life experiences and not just in the virtual world but in real life too. Apart from being able to manage other people’s accounts, using IG has introduced me to some very interesting people. I have met some of the worlds greatest growth hackers and I have flew out to Monaco to report on events that I have been associated with. All just from using Instagram. It has been an epic adventure so far and it’ll be a privilege to share with you just how I did it.

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