The Instagram do’s and don’ts

The red tape, democracy and regulations this is made up by; yes the rules of Instagram. Including quick run down of my own ideas on Instagram do’s and don’ts without  forgetting the Instagram limits.

Doing things the right way isn’t always apparent with social media; you learn what works and what doesn’t along the way.

Let’s start first with posting one that should be quite obvious is posting vertically at all times.Utilizing the square format of Instagram to beautifully display your content. The most important one is to be consistent with your posting,the content and colours and ultimately your account theme and subject.

So what are the do’s?

Before pushing your content out to the IG world, do a last minute check to make sure everything is how you intend it to be. Remember perfection is a state of mind, in reality its in the eye of the beholder just make it presentable.

When your growing Instagram accounts, your posting needs to be at least 2–3 times a day or at most 5 some say 2–10 per day. Although this all depends on the type of account your growing and the niches,  you don’t ever want to be spamming followers.

Don’t just post for the sake of posting. You need to think quality than quantity at most times. When content receives likes that best thing to do is interact, like back, comment and get to know your followers. Use comments to ask questions, this encourages your followers to engage and not just scroll past your content.

The ultimate must do!

 Please use hashtags at all times, at least 20 or up to 30 if you want. Find them, research and test with your content. You want to be able to rank for the tags you chose. The use of hashtags will increase your reach and engagement by 12%.

A good rule of thumb to keep engagement up, is when your making regular posts, upload an IG story  of the same content. This will bring attention to your account, giving your avatar a nice glowing circle. Letting users know you have active content is another way to potentially grab more engagement.

Another good practice is to learn optimal posting times for your account. This will help you see when your following is most active on Instagram. Having an active following engaging with your post, will increase your ranking on the algorithm.

The most important thing to do is keep it up and don’t give up. Instagram can be very discouraging, if the results are not pouring in straight away. Patience is a virtue, always play the long game. Just test and test again, be experimental and see what works and what doesn’t.

Nobody like rules do they?

Nobody likes to be told what to do, the worlds consist of a lot of red tape rules, this why we have governments and leaders. It’s a hard job but hey! Someones got to do it, your not reading this for nothing. Think of it as advice, you can take it or leave it, but don’t say I never gave you warnings.

So lets wiz through some Instagram dos and don’ts.

First thing first when growing your account, don’t set it to private if you want followers. Only hot chicks go private and get follow requests.

If you run a paid shout out maybe as the click through will return better. However private is usually a no no. As you want your content to be seen. Hashtags always yes, but don’t abuse the same ones over and over again. Think about what you are going to post, use tags related to your posts.

Powerful cameras like dslr’s, are not needed just a decent smartphone camera will do.Taking pictures  has to be horizontal only, other wise it just looks messy and amateurish but if it’s a one off post that’s fine. Borders, patterns and colours be careful with your account theme, it may look good at times but can be hard on your followers eyes.

Never post different angles of the same picture, one is enough, unless its product shots. I’m taking about posting multiple posts in a row, it looks amateurish, plan and space out posts.

Everyone likes a good filter!

I like bbq sauce but I wont drown my food in it. This goes for filters too, never over use them it becomes very tacky. Comments are a must it’s Instagram etiquette.

However don’t be spamming accounts asking for follow backs it comes across unauthentic. Like would you beg someone to go out with you, even if you really liked them? Like please? Just don’t do it!

The Bots don’t let them in, sometimes they do slip through the net, when they do just block and remove. Time to time, you will need to purge followers from your account.While we are on the topic of Bot’s, I cannot forget to talk about automation.

Proxies get some good ones, not shared and proper location for times you may login on your actual device. When running automation always warmup your account first for at least a few weeks.Don’t over do the settings following, liking, even commenting too much.

Direct Messaging this is your tool to start a conversation use it with caution don’t be DMing everybody its not cool for school “man”. If your building your account by all means message regularly but don’t over do it. This may have adverse effects on your account, banned, deleted or the worst it may just vanish. Lastly if your account is less than three months old, just leave automation alone all together.

The big golden no and you probably guest it.

It  doesn’t matter how good it makes your account look buying followers and likes. Its just fake; the followers are never going to interact with your content and its easy to tell someone who has bought followers.

They usually have a large following 50k followers and getting 50 likes per post please have some self worth. Just put in some work, if you want to grow. Likes and followers are Instagram commodities in the social media stratosphere.

You want to keep your account authentic as possible. Think of it like this you wouldn’t want to accept paper that looks like money, as you couldn’t spend it. Think like this any time its crosses your mind to purchase followers or likes.

You could take the money used to buy fake followers and get shout outs which would benefit you more than knock off followers. Overall it will only hurt your account, drowning your engagement and eventually being ignored by the algorithm.

So once last time, just don’t do it!

Here they are again

The Do’s

· Post regularly

· Use Hastags

· Ask questions with comments

· Like

· Post on IG Stories straight after make a regular post

· Learn Optimal Posting

· Have Patience

· Keep going

· Long haul thinking

· Horizontal Post/Pictures

The Don’ts

· Don’t Set account to private

· No over use of filters

· No spammy comments

· Don’t buy followers

· No buy likes

· No buying anything

· Don’t over post

· Horizontal only

· Over use the same Hashtags

· Correct settings for Automation

· Decent Proxies

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Signing off,

Stay Gramming 🙂

Len Gordon

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