6 Instagram Apps To Grow your following

In this article I have put together 6 Instagram Apps to help grow your following. As growing on any social platform is always difficult, social media is a competitive landscape where everyone is battling for attention.

For you to have any chance of gaining traction, you need to find new ways to stand out in this noisy landscape. Some of the best ways to do this is one be creative with your content, two find your best times to post. Three having a way of knowing which posts has the highest chances of performing well.

6 Instagram Apps To Grow Your Following

Okay the last one no one really knows that information until they post. Luckily for you I rounded up 6 apps for Instagram that do exactly this.

1. Storyslicer

Storyslicer lets you post longer videos onto your Instagram stories. The app allows you to post videos as long as you’d like on your Instagram stories, by cutting them into smaller pieces. Avoiding the 24-hour posting restrictions and ensure you have seamless transitions without ever touching a video editor.


· Cut long videos into small clips and save them to your camera roll

· Videos are saved in order, so you can easily post them one by one

· No video length limitations

· No watermarks

· No  ads

· Zero compression — maintain high-quality resolution

· Bypass the 24-hour limits and post old videos to your story

· Slice for Instagram stories (15 sec)

· Cut & post videos for your Instagram Carousel (60 sec)

· Easily share to social media after slicing your video

Price $1.99 for iOS

2. Lisa: Photo Assistant for Instagram

Lisa photo assistant, uses smart AI (artificial intelligence) to chose the most engaging photo for you to post on Instagram. Lisa will choose the best photo among the photos you uploaded. Lisa will then predict which of your photos will be the most liked on Instagram by its artificial intelligence.


· Choose the photos from your gallery.

· Choose best photo by its Al based algorithm.

· Share the chosen photo on Instagram directly.

· Analyses photo history.

Free for iOS

3. Boomerang

One of my favourites is Boomerang lets you create super engaging content with just a click of a button. Boomerang shoots a burst of 10 photos and turns them into a short video that loops like a GIF. You can share your Boomerang right from the app, or save it to your camera roll. Boomerang gives you the opportunity to create visual fun for your Instagram following. You can use Boomerang on its own, or take a Boomerang inside Instagram itself and share it straight way

Free for iOS

Free for Android

4. WhenToPost: Best Time to Post Photos for Instagram

Knowing when to post your content is crucial to growing your following. WhenToPost does that all for you, it analyzes your follower activity patterns anonymously. Then using this data and turns it into actionable insight, which you can use to get the most engagement for posts.


  • Generates a heat map which tells you the best times to post your Instagram content
  • Provides a countdown for your next best time to share content
  • Display a graph with the best times of the week you should to post to Instagram
  • analyzes your follower activity patterns

Free for iOS

Free for Android

5. Text Only posts for Instagram

We have this feature on facebook where we can share whats on our mind. By writing a simple text and adding a coloured background. This is a very simple app but can be very effective. You can use Text Only for cross posting your content on Instagram from facebook, by just sharing what’s on your mind.


· Coloured background for Text

Free for iOS

6. Swipeable — Instagram Panorama

Instagram now supports panoramic and 360° photos, using this feature can make your content stand out from the rest. Swipeable lets you do just that, it automatically divides your panorama photos into square pieces. You then will be able to share your panoramic photos with Instagram’s new carousel album feature to make your panoramic swipeable!


· Automatically divide your 360° photo or panorama into square pieces.

· Seamlessly share to Instagram with carousel view.

· Pair your swipeable with Instagram’s filter to make it stand out even more.

Free for iOS

Those were 6 apps for Instagram to help you grow your following, give you a creative edge, also finding your optimal times to post content. Not forgetting the ability to find out which post has the highest chance of performing.

Instagram is changing and you need to adapt to stay ahead of the game. In the Dream Team Secrets Instagram Course we won’t just be teaching you about secret automation tools and apps, that’s just a small part of the course.

You will learn how to get the most out of Instagram for business, how to grow audiences, how to increase engagement, how to generate the perfect hashtag strategy, how to manage growth and content for multiple accounts, and where all of the best engagement groups and marketplaces are.

Stay Gramming,

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