5 Tools You Should Be Using For Instagram In 2018

It was a good year for Instagram in 2017 and 2018 is set to be even better. This coming year the social platform is expected to reach 1 Billion Users according to mediakix growth projections.

Instagram Is Expected to Reach One Billion Users in 2018

In the last year we have witness Instagram grow from strength to strength. Which has developed into a Eco system surrounding the platform consisting of businesses, influencers, creators, and revenue. Not forgetting the community of users, Instagram is micro publishing at its finest.

With social media changing rapidly Instagram is constantly adding new features to stay ahead of the race. IG Stories the winning horse from Instagram’s stable base on SnapChat core functionality is now Instagram top pedigree feature. Delivering higher engagement rates than Instagram regular grid content.

The intense situation between these two social titans reminds me of the lyrics from The Takeover… by Jay-Z

You made it a hot line, I made it a hot song

JAY-Z — The Takeover

The Blueprint (2001)

Jay’s hot song is Instagram Stories, boasting an average of 200 million users each month. Motivating UI changes, Instagram has now add a IG Stories bar to their interface. Which now enables Instagram Stories to now appear inside the regular grid feed, in algorithmic order according to interactions.

The world of Instagram is changing lets introduce another feature that has given users the ability to follow hashtags. Which could be a game changer in itself once used with the right monitoring tools.

A good product complimented by UGC (User Generated Content) Posted with CTA (Call to Action) to follow branded hashtags will make interesting results.

used call to action to follow your hashtags

Follow My Hashtag 👉 #myaccount for more xyz posts

I think this year Instagram is all about data, automation, content and Influencers. Instagram Influencer marketing alone is expected to reach a whopping $1.07 billion this year with a projected growth of $2.38 billion in 2019. These numbers generated from a social media Eco system are incredible.

All these added functionalities and more revenue flow would require a good set of tools to be ready for Instagram in 2018. As the KPI’s you choose to monitor will be the difference in engagement, growth and the ability to monetize.

So here we go ……

5 tools you should be using for Instagram in 2018

1. Storeo for Instagram

Where there is a heavy focus on Instagram Stories right now Storeo is the tool to keep your Stories content creative and fresh. This app is a great little tool IG Stories is Instagram top feature at moment and utilizing it is key.

This tool makes creating Instagram Stories clips and content a lot easier.You can also lets upload directly to Instagram Stories or download the video and post manually.

2. Binded

Content in 2018 is just going to keep coming, as the more we document the more we share. Regardless if its only social media protecting your content is important. This where Binded comes in you can copyright protect your Instagram content. Just by simply using a hashtag and adding #binded to your post will protect those epic captures. This is definitely a tool you should be using in 2018.

3. Grin

Grin is the ultimate plug and play Influencer Management tool. It’s Influencer Marketing made simple, everything in one place. There no need to send cold emails or direct messages, Grin platform enables you access to Influceners verified data such as contact information, engagement rates and social networks. They even take the strain out paying and handling influencer W-9s. Overall Grin is a good go to solution for finding a solid influencer. Using Grin as option would be a good place to start with your Influencer marketing ideas.

4. Snoopreport

Do you want to get in deep with your followers, get real insights into their activities on Instagram including your competitors.

Then Snoop Report is the one, it claims to maximize your Instagram marketing performance by targeting Influencers and micro influencers. As well as confirming engagement among targeted users which will give you insights into your audience’s needs and preferences.

Plus they can provide data of how your competitors’ Instagram growth strategy is really working. Best thing about snoop report is you only have to give the username of the target account not complicated and no Instagram logins.

5. Grum

Keeping to a steady posting schedule is key to maintain a connection with your followers. Not staying consistent with your posting schedule can lead to a majority of your posts not getting seen at all.

This where Grum comes in providing a great Instagram scheduler solution. This platform makes setting a consistent posting schedule easy, it also lets you set the first comment on your posts, which is great :).

Here’s a bonus one for ya

6. Captain

To get found most influencers and brands use hashtags. As you can target growth, followers and finding the trending peaks doing so.

With Captain the platform lets you discover what’s trending and follow hashtags by getting texts, photos and videos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Just as trending content makes it over Instagram the same thing happens with trending hashtags.

Having the insight to see when this happening is a opportunity to hack engagement, by tapping into the trending audience.

I hope these resources provided you value.

: )

Stay Gramming

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