5 Instagram Growth Hacks You Should Be Using Right Now

Instagood, Instabad, Instagram; let’s talk engagement, algorithms and  Instagram growth hacks. Since Instagram implemented its new algorithm. You may have seen a drop in your engagement, and your account is not performing as well as it should or the way it use to. I noticed this myself; my engagement was all most non-existent at one point, barely getting any likes, followers, or impressions.

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Like why would Instagram decide the old algorithm wasn’t fit for purpose, as before posting content and gaining engagement was far easier to accomplish. It use to be just using regular hashtags, locations and even simply posting daily at most got the Job done.

So what has the algorithm done to the existing flow of Instagram?  It now works by analysing what a user cares most about on their feed. The reason for change is Instagram intends to air out the noise on the platform; it’s using a machine-learning algorithm for monitoring and calculating users based on their actions.

 Data is built by analysing signals such as; followers to liking, commenting and to posts that are saved. The algorithm will then use this data to display content on users feed. It also analyses whether content will be popular or not to display on Instagram’s explorer. However there are ways to counter this, you can use Instagram ads to increase reach and engagement levels. I do think with this algorithm implementation it was more to influence the pay to play option for businesses, like no revenue no business!!

Using new algorithms or systems can sometimes kills the vibe of the platform. We saw it at one point how people reacted to Facebook and Twitters change up. You have to expect this with most social platforms, as they will push ads sales once they have a massive user base and gain retention.

Overall with the algorithm process, Instagram is encouraging you to post only your best content. So can you see why organic reach and engagement has dropped?

Algorithms can be played with, that’s how they are built, to learn things. So I have 5 hacks you should be using right now, to beat the engagement blues and play with the Algorithm. These helped me improve my engagement by 80% and keep my engagement free flowing.


So here is 5 Instagram Growth Hacks you should be using right now!!!
1. Engagement Groups

Your secret weapon that no one will directly tell you about, only a few Internet marketers will do so. Engagement groups will help you to combat the Instagram algorithm and give you more of a chance to succeed with engagement and a successful Instagram growth hack.

So what is an engagement group and how can they help? An engagement group is where a group of accounts will comment or like each other’s posts at set times in day known as rounds. This helps to boost posts and account visibility. Engagement groups are separated into sizes from a hundred members to a few thousand members. They are very effective if used at key times on Instagram and if you have recently posted.

2. Pods

When engagement started to drop grammers and influencers joined forces to defend themselves against the engagement drops. They created pods to survive, I don’t know why its called pod, I can only assume the name is inspired from a group of social dolphins who support one another. In short, a pod is a group of people who agree to like and comment on each other’s posts to help them improve their engagement and beat the algorithm. Who knows why? but pods a very effective and one of the easiest to implement on the list.

3. Powerlikes

Wouldn’t it be great to get all the big Instagram accounts to hit up your posts any time you posted, getting 100k accounts and above showing you love. Well once you’re in the loop of engagement groups you will come across Powerlikes, also known by another name auto likes. Power likes are system delivery of likes from larger accounts, which help your chances of hitting Instagram explorer.

The tricky thing is when choosing to use Powerlikes you need to have at least one of two things.  One good content and two well research hashtags you can rank for. Otherwise the use of Powerlikes will be completely useless and wasted.

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4. Hashtags Research

The all important hashtags, are they a myth? should you use them? should you not? who knows? Well I can answer your question by just saying there are three types of thinking surrounding Instagram and hashtagging to achieve a successful Instagram growth hack.

The first common conception is that it’s useless and if you do use hashtags, you’re only going to get likes or follows by accounts running on bots or automation.

The second is, well you know what? There may be something in this to be gained by hashtagging my posts. The third is the marketers who know, and people in the loop who used them. You may find there are probably still some people strolling around in the explorer. That may just stumble across your content, and if your content is epic you might just get an organic follower or two that you wouldn’t of got if you didn’t.

Using hashtags will improve your engagement by at least 12%,  they are essential in the growing process of your account. Most importantly using tags gets your ranking higher on the algorithm. This gives content a good advantage of being seen by organic eyes.

5. Posting at optimal times

We just gone over hash-tag and the importance of its use. Another key competent since the massive 30% engagement drop is to capitalise on your posting times.

So what is the best time to post on Instagram to accomplish a strong Instagram growth hack? Some say the evening, and over 50% of social media managers back this theory. Suggesting to post between 19.00 – 21.00 is the best time to post on Instagram. Others say anything between 14.00–17.00, but what is the best time for your account? Optimal posting can give huge results to each account, since the algorithm change.

If you monitor when your followers are best engaged with your content and post at those times you, should receive the biggest amount of engagement based on the data of your account. Where do you find this data? Well it’s all inside Instagram. If you change your profile to a business account you will gain access to your followings data. The data includes, what time they are most active on Instagram, what time zone/location they are in, their age and  finally their gender.  Having a business profile can benefit your account a lot, as you now can test content and see if your post were successful or not by the data you received.

So when is the best time for you to post on Instagram?

Its important to note the best times to post to achieve a successful Instagram growth hack. Easily putting it, if you post when your followers are most active on Instagram, your more likely to drive more engagement on that post. Gaining the most active engagement will play with the algorithm in turn making Instagram push your posts higher up on users feeds. Increasing your chances to hit explorer, if this happens it will boost your organic engagement to your post. Higher engagement leads to more visibility, which leads to organic growth.


All these algorithm hacks combined can provide you with a very effective toolbox against engagement drops. These hacks will help you get your IG account back up to speed, if they are used daily, combined with your usually activities. The final results after using Powerlikes combined with these other hacks were phenomenal. I saw massive gains in impressions, reach and engagement. So I thought I would share the value I found. Let me know how you get on with these 5 Instagram growth hacks.

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