4 ways to improve your Instagram game for 2018

4 ways to improve your Instagram game for 2018-dream-team-secrets

4 ways to improve your Instagram game for 2018, as another year draws to a close you maybe wondering if your current IG plan will hold you through into the new year.

In the last year Instagram has release a constant stream of updates. From live stream invitations to the notorious algorithm change, which I don’t think anyone will forget soon.

When the algorithm change kick in, we saw a barge of Instagram growth hacks pop up to combat the engagement drops. We had pods, engagement groups and Powerlikes. Social media marketing is always rapidly changing, making previous strategies not as effective as they once were or even obsolete.

But there’s still hope, so how can you improve your Instagram game in 2018. Well here’s the thing we can only go by what Instagram has made improvements too and what has been left untouched.

Instagram is consistently testing and changing features, in the last month we seen an appearance of a extra button. Which does look like a regram feature that maybe added in the near future. Another sharing content option looking to be streamlined into the platform.

Look what Instagram has done with IG Stories…

With over 200 million people using Instagram Stories each month, Instagram decided to add more enhancements to IG stories. They updated the UI of Instagram by adding a IG Stories bar where you can now see stories while scrolling your feed, Stories that Instagram consider your interested in will be shown to you.

Instagram also added story highlights where you can now pin your IG stories to your profile. Previously before this Stories was introduce to desktop version of Instagram. This actions alone shows this coming year Instagram will be pushing hard with Instagram Stories.

When a platform takes this action it usually means they are giving more priority to that feature. Stories does reach a much higher % of audience than the standard grid content. If you ever used stories before you may have notice most of people who view your story are not followers.

In my last few blogs I spoken on the importance of hashtags research for increasing your accounts reach to improve chances of content being seen organically. Since then Instagram has launched the follow hashtags feature. Which allows users to follow their favorite hashtags and the content associated with the hashtag will now appear in their feed automatically this great news for brands and user of brand tags..

70% of hashtags used on Instagram are branded

On top of this Instagram has up their language support now for Arabic, Hebrew and Fasci which now gives you another metric to target for new audiences. There has been a lot of improvements to how people will engage on Instagram platform and this certainly not a bad thing.

It means that brands interested in connecting with Instagram users must take the time to learn the changes and how they can adapt them to their Instagram marketing strategy.

So here we go……

4 ways to improve your IG game in 2018

1. Instagram Stories

IG stories is capable of so much and delivers a much higher rate of engagement and reach. Capitalizing on IG Stories for 2018 will consist of creating creative content being transparent and consistent.

Stories is the easiest format to give insight into the world of your brand and its day to day. You can share behind the scenes content #bts different from your regular grid content. The good things about Instagram Stories is you can save the content for future use and recycle it as you please.

Like Instagram Explorer, IG Stories also has stories explorer too which is another avenue for organic engagement. By using more than one hashtag like a niche tag or location tag in your stories, is a great way of provoking engagement reaching more users.

Another good way to type into new audiences is doing story takeovers, this works best with Influencers however there’s a lot of room to make this a interest option in 2018.

IG Stories improvements

1. Creative Content

2. Add best performing stories to Story highlights

3. Use more than one Hashtags in stories

4. Use Location Hashtags in stories

5. Story Takeovers

2. Content

Having strong content will always be the best strategy for 2018. If you produce content be creative as possible with all formats grid, IG stories and Instagram Live. If you have a Niche or curating account sourcing good content is vital. It saves a lot time and builds your account reputation as well.

Sourcing content is very fun process but sometimes leaves you getting lost in sauce. Not sure what good content looks like then you can always use the best Instagram 9 of year to see which content worked, this is good hack for competitor research.

You can also use a platform like ViralFindr to find the best viral content on Instagram. However posting more pictures with faces receive 38% more likes than those without. People like people especially in Instagram posts.

Another good practice is Geo-tagging your photos location so potential customers know where to find your business. It a good way to attract new potential leads or followers locally. You can use locations to promote offers. Posts that used Geo- Location received 79% more engagement than other that don’t.

Regramming content is also very popular on Instagram, the power of regram is UGC (User generated content). Leveraging your user generated content can increase your engagement and may trigger purchases. If your a brand or sell a product UGC (User generated content) is definitely option for 2018 as pure Instagram content.

User-Generated Content Has a 4.5% Higher Conversion Rate


Content improvements

1. Find Viral Content

2. Geo- Location

3. Post more Pictures with faces

4. Regram User Generated Content

5. Use best 9 of 2017 to research competitor content

3. Hashtags

Using hashtags improves your engagement by at least 12% they are essential in growing process of your account. Most importantly using the right hashtags will get you ranked high on the algorithm boosting your content to be seen by organic eyes. A lot of posts on Instagram don’t get seen due to people using the wrong hashtags and not posting at optimal times.

Brand engagement on Instagram is higher than any other social media platforms to date. Now with the introduction of following hashtags its key for brands to utilize branded hashtags to spark conversation and track branded content performance.

Social monitoring tools is must when going ahead with hashtag specific campaigns as you need to be able to measure things. You want to see who is actually using your hashtags and what is the hashtag reach, and actually finding out what customers are talking about.

used call to action to follow your hashtags

Follow My Hashtag 👉 #myaccount for more xyz posts
Follow 👉 @myaccount

Hashtag improvements

1. Used Branded Hashtags

2. Location Hashtags

3. Hashtags Campaigns

4. Call to action to follow hashtags

5. Monitor hashtags

4. Powerlikes

A key component to getting your content seen by organic eyes is Powerlikes. Its one of the best and easiest ways to potentially go viral and hit Instagram explorer. I spoke on Powerlikes a lot as feel they are very effective, to get the best results from Powerlikes. You need to be combining these 3 factors of Content, Timing and Hashtags research to get the full effect.

Content should be thought provoking to trigger engagement, you should aim to post when your accounts followers are most active combine with Instagram peak times. Most importantly correct use of hashtags you can rank for and bests describes your content.

Until Powerlikes stop being effective its still a good choice to super charge your account and increase your engagement on Instagram.

No one knows how long it will last for, just a quick heads up the use of certain Powerlikes can trigger a shadowban and drown your accounts engagement so don’t over do it, find top quality Powerlikes services.

Powerlikes Improvements

1. Engaging Content

2. Proper use of Hashtags

3. Find Top 9 Hashtags

4. Optimal Time for Posting

5. Use Top quality Powerlikes

However the biggest way to improve your Instagram game in 2018 is consistency turning up everyday. This is the hardest battle sometimes but the easiest way to grow.

To help you in the battle try Scheduling content and reply to your interactions as soon as possible will help maintain the connection with your audience. So you see improving your Instagram game for 2018 doesn’t have to be difficult. You just have to look at the changes and see where you can make improvements.

So thats my 4 ways to improve your IG game for 2018 enjoy….

Stay Gramming,

Have a great 2018…

Signing off



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