4 reasons why you should consider deep Instagram analytics

4 reasons why you should consider deep Instagram analytics

The last year has seen a rise in businesses using Instagram as a platform to achieve a connection with new and existing customers. This has resulted in a boom of businesses now dedicating marketing efforts to build an Instagram presence. In 2017 over 25 million business registered for Instagram business profiles, Instagram also reported they now have two million active advertisers per month on their platform.

Is Instagram the place for a business to be…

Instagram does retain the highest rate of engagement than any other social platform. But think about it all those Instagram images, indexed by all those hashtags. All these numbers, 25 million business profiles, 2 million active advertisers. The expected projection of 1 billion users by 2018, oh yeah and influencer marketing to hit $2.38 billion in 2019 its all about the data.
Remember this is a social media Eco system by one platform.

Social media is here. It’s not going away; not a passing fad. Be where your customers are: in social media.” –Lori Ruff

This Eco system is a data miners paradise you can guarantee brands, business and yes your competitors are taking action. Building communities, social followings and selling products off the back of Instagram data and so should you!!

Instagram business accounts offers analytic tools that displays an accounts data on followers, demographics, likes, engagement and impressions.

Although this data can help plan content strategies Instagram analytics doesn’t display enough data for you to take action. There nothing much you can really do with it, however it is still useful data for analyzing content performance.

To really get in depth information from Instagram’s data, requires the use of Instagram monitoring tools. These tools can track brand mentions, content shares and engagement.

Instagram monitoring tools has the ability to not only mine your own accounts data, but your followers, competitors and more. So here are my 4 reasons why you should consider deep Instagram analytics…

1. Listening conversations

By listening to conversation on Instagram you be able to monitor brand hashtags, comments and mentions. This will helps to get a clearer picture of what people are actually saying about you from an independent point of view.
We now share socially our frustrations and joy’s about brands we love. Our needs and behaviors are always changing. So monitoring this can keep you ahead of the game.

Benefits of using social listening will give you insights to the latest trends, emerging viral content in real time. Overall the goal of listening to social conversation is the insight of learning new ways to enhance your brand to customer experience, the ultimate need to know.

2. Accurate Instagram insights

Deep analyzing data will give access to the most accurate Instagram information. This is done by processing and calculating data from multiple streams of consciousness, that Instagram audiences produce.
Just by simply typing in a target keyword or hashtag will give valuable insights within minutes.

The information Instagram users generate are imperative for understanding how to begin a conversation with your audience, what they might like and how they may feel about it. The deeper the data, the more strategic the approach can be.

3.Monitor your followers Instagram activity

Understanding your followers is fundamental with social media, as knowing what they do can point you in the right direction. Deep analyzing your followers will gain you insight into their activity on Instagram.
You can find out what profiles they are interacting with to what brands they follow and even price affinity. Ultimately seeing what a follower does after they have interact with your account is crucial factor.

4. Reverse engineer your Competitors Instagram strategy

We see accounts on Instagram growing at super rates these days and wouldn’t you like to know how? What strategies are the competition using well deep analyzing their Instagram data will tell that.

By analyzing your competitors interactions, followings and Influencer marketing campaigns. Knowing how a competitors is growing and how they are doing it will provide actionable insights to capitalise on this.
Helping you to identify weak and strong points with your Instagram marketing, content and strategy. Letting you know what cards you hold, from what ones to play.

In the last year we have seen Instagram update its analytic tools, which now displays more data than before. However I wouldn’t consider it enough.

The ability to use Instagram monitoring tools to deep analyze your Instagram data, will give you a tactical approach towards Instagram you need.

Stay Gramming,

Signing off,

Len 🙂

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