Missing Instagress? Here are 3 alternatives you can use

Since Instagress and a lot of other Instagram automation tools like Archie were shut down and ceased activity, you may wonder where you can turn for your automation fix?

(I must point out that Instagram does not allow posting from third party applications and if they suspect you are using automation, you could be banned.)

Missing Instagress? Here are 3 alternatives you can use

To be fair, we all knew this was coming and with algorithm changes and drops in engagement, it’s a sign of things to come in the world of automation, especially in social media.

Automation may no longer be a good way of sustaining of your account.For marketers, automation is like a plumber using a wrench to loosen the pipe: it made life easier, especially when growing multiple accounts.If you are a regular user this change may have not ground your gears, however business and marketers are feeling the pinch.

Overall you should not rely on automation as a basis for building your social accounts, as when it comes to interaction and engagement, platforms will just turn into a population of bots. Given this, you can see why Instagram had to clamp down. It’s possible other platforms will follow this method as well.

Some food for thought, as communities aren’t just built with likes; you need to make connections and put effort into growing genuine engagement. With most automated software, the downfall is they only see hash tags and locations, and sometimes this leads to awkward situations like unrelated commenting on an unrelated post that has nothing to do with your niche.

For those of you who do feel the need to operate an automated solution, here are a few that have the nostalgic feel of Instagress — Use and enjoy at your own risk 🙂

1. Instazood

Instazood is a well-crafted Instagress clone. The user interface isn’t the greatest, however this software does what it says on the tin. It runs quite smoothly, and gains followers fast. It works just like Instagress: Following, liking, and commenting on your behalf, based on your preferences, and it’s a really cheap piece of kit. There are also module add-ons such as Direct Messaging, comment tracker and so on. Instazood features include:

  • Hashtag and Account Targeting
  • Scheduled Posts
  • Multi Accounts
  • Statistics
  • The success rate of Targets
  • Post from Dashboard
  • Follow, like, comment, unfollow
  • 3 free trial days.


2. Followinglike.com

Followinglike is a very powerful piece of kit and also works with Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Pinterest all at the same time, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

This software has so many features, although it’s important to mention the most important one. It can simulate human operations very well without detection, enabling you to grow your account quickly and efficiently, like batman-utility belt for Instagram and social media in general.

FollowingLike features include:

  • Auto-liking
  • Auto-unfollow
  • Auto-follow back
  • Auto-commenting
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Assign Proxies
  • Spin Content


3. Schedugr.am

This is our favourite content scheduling app. Schedugr.am allows you to cue up content and hashtags for posting, claiming to do the hard work for you.

Before Schedugram, you had to do all of the work yourself – logging in and out of accounts, carrying multiple phones, or responding to reminders at all hours of the day to post your content.

Schedugram do it all for you using an innovative yet old school way. They use a pool of phones (yes, physical real-world phones) to post for you, just like you would by hand.

No sneaky business behind the scenes, just a lot of phones and some cutting-edge technology.

Some features of schedugram include:

  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Works while you sleep – posts for you
  • Content creation & editing tools including Canva integration


We’ve tried and tested dozens of social media automation tools. Automation on its own will never be the best way to get the most out of any platform. When used with finesse and intelligence, you can get some really good results and it’s always reassuring to go to sleep at night with knowing that your accounts can still be out there working in the background.

Instagram is changing. They will continue to adapt to those trying to latch onto their platform and I imagine they’re going to keep shutting down automation tools wherever they can. In the Dream Team Secrets Instagram Course we won’t just be teaching you about secret automation tools, that’s just a small part of the course. You will learn how to get the most out of Instagram for business, how to grow audiences, how to increase engagement, how to generate the perfect hashtag strategy, how to manage growth and content for multiple accounts, and where all of the best engagement groups and marketplaces are.

Full deets of the course can be found here:


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